JEPM - Volume XXV 


Effects of an Experiential Trauma Bootcamp on PGY 3 Anesthesiology Residents’ Knowledge and Confidence Levels

Brittney Clark, MD; Erin E. Blanchard, PhD, MSN, RN, CHSE, CMQ; Grace Rafield, MD; Lee Ann Riesenberg, PhD, MS, RN, CMQ; Bhavika N. Patel, MD; Andrew Hackney, MD; Michelle Tubinis, MD

A Departmentally Developed Agreement to Improve Faculty-Resident Feedback

Ross Pallansch, MD; Robert R. Gaiser, MD

Improving Compliance With Institutional Performance on Train of Four Monitoring

Pooja Santapuram, MD; Leslie Coker Fowler, EdD; Kim V. Garvey, PhD, MLIS; Matthew D. McEvoy, MD; Amy Robertson, MD, MMHC; Brent Dunworth, DNP; Karen McCarthy, EdD; Robert Freundlich, MD, MS, MSCI; Brian F. S. Allen, MD; Miklos D. Kertai, MD, MMHC, PhD

Telemedicine in Anesthesiology: Using Simulation to Teach Remote Preoperative Assessment

Stacey A. Watt, MD, MBA, MHPE, FASA; Roseanne C. Berger, MD; Laura E. Hirshfield, PhD; Rachel Yudkowsky, MD, MHPE



APPLIED Advocacy: How the ABA Improved the RTID, and How It Could Be Even Better

Christopher Conley, MD; Jessica Kwan, MD; Melissa Nadler, MD; Mark Norris, MD; Wendy Bernstein, MD, MBA, FASA

Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT: Bane or Boon for Academic Writing?

William C. Culp Jr, MD


No Miracles in Two Minutes: A Randomized Controlled Study on the Impact of Preparatory Expansive Posing on Anesthesiology Residents’ Performance in Mock Structured Oral Examinations

Fei Chen, PhD, MEd, MStat; Marjorie Stiegler, MD; Susan M. Martinelli, MD, FASA; Harendra Arora, MD, MBA, FASA; Robert S. Isaak, DO, FASA

Medical Student Instruction in Peripheral Nerve Blockade Utilizing Fresh Cadaver Limbs in a Simulation Center

Daniel P. Huettner, MD; Lindsay K. Hahn, MD; Mackenzie A. Noonan Haase, MD; Francesca A. Jung, MD; Steven L. Orebaugh, MD

Development and Implementation of a Clinician-Educator Track for Residents in Anesthesiology

Julia B. Sobol, MD, MPH; May Hua, MD, MS; Teeda Pinyavat, MD; Cortessa L. Russell, MD; Allison J. Lee, MD, MS; Maya J. Hastie, MD, EdD

Simulation Training Effects on Resident-Perceived Readiness for Obstetric Anesthesia Rotation

Ethan H. Crispell; Lindsay L. Warner, MD; Andrew C. Hanson, MS; Hans P. Sviggum, MD

Virtual Anesthesiology Medical Student Learning Program Pilot Designed in Response to COVID-19

Amanda S. Xi, MD; Natalie J. Koons, BS; Abigail Schirmer, MD; Akshay Shanker, MD; Reece J. Goiffon, MD, PhD


Letter to the Editors

Enhancing Telemedicine Perioperative Simulations Using Augmented Reality

Asheen Rama, MD; Albert H. Tsai, MD; Thomas J. Caruso, MD, PhD


Publication Rate of Abstracts Presented at the 2011-2019 Society for Education in Anesthesia Meetings

Dante A. Cerza, MD, MACM; Collin F. Battista, MD; Gautam Sharma, MD; Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD, MHA, FASA

Critical Appraisal of Anesthesiology Educational Research for 2020

Lara Zisblatt, EdD, MA; Rachel Moquin, EdD, MA; Fred Glenn-Roger Ayres, MD; Dawn Dillman, MD; Amy N. DiLorenzo, PhD; Ashley E. Grantham, PhD; Mark P. MacEachern, MLIS; Emily E. Peoples, MD; Fei Chen, PhD, MEd, MStat

I Read, Therefore I Am: Examining Nonmedical Reading and Its Relationship to Empathy in Anesthesia Training

Jenny E. Pennycuff, MD, MS; Daniel Ruiz, MD; Allison Mullins, MD; Jesse D. Supernaw, MD, BS; Jayalakshmi Pulipaka, BS; Clark R. Andersen, MS; M. James Lozada, DO; Prameela Konda, MD; Michelle Simon, MD

Use of Simulation-Based Mastery Learning Curriculum to Improve Difficult Conversation Skills Among Anesthesiologists: A Pilot Study

Mitchell L. Phillips, MD; Michelle Tsao, MD; Andrew Davis-Sandfoss, MD; Hubert Benzon, MD; John D. Mitchell, MD; Jeffrey H. Barsuk, MD; Heather A. Ballard, MD

Participant Perceptions of Augmented Reality Simulation for Cardiac Anesthesiology Training: A Prospective, Mixed- Methods Study

Albert Tsai, MD; Natalie Bodmer, MD; Tracey Hong, MD; Anna Frackman, MD; Olivia Hess, BA; Michael Khoury, MS, BS; Christian Jackson, MStat; Thomas J. Caruso, MD

Resident Engagement With a Web- and App-based Journal Club Curriculum Utilizing Email and Text Notifications

Daniel P. Walsh, MD; Vanessa T. Wong, BS; John D. Mitchell, MD


Letter to the Editors

Anesthesiology Residency: Understanding the Role of Failure

Taizoon Dhoon, MD; Katherine McCartney, MD; Brent Yeung, MD

RE: Conley et al. APPLIED Advocacy: How the ABA Improved the RTID, and How It Could Be Even Better

Mark T. Keegan, MB, MRCPI, MSc, FCCM; Alex Macario, MD, MBA; Ann E. Harman, PhD; Robert R. Gaiser, MD

Brief Reports

Implementation of an Un-Pairing Passport to Improve the Transition From Intern to Resident During a Critical Period of Anesthesiology Residency Training

Ashley N. Soppe, MD; Joshua M. Hauser, MD, MPH; Andrew R. Jacobson, MD; Angela D. McElrath, MD


Enhancing Patient Safety through Education in a Low-to-Middle-Income Country: Training in the Correct Application of Cricoid Pressure

Aliya Ahmed, FFARCSI; Muhammad Qamarul Hoda, FCPS; Faisal Shamim, FCPS; Ali Sarfraz Siddiqui, FCPS, MCPS; Khalid Samad, FCPS; Samina Ismail, FCPS

Drivers of Well-Being and Burnout in Anesthesiology Residents

Michael Tan, MD; Jeanine A. Naegle, MD; Christy K. Boscardin, PhD; Denise P. Chang, MD; Joyce M. Chang, MD; Kristina R. Sullivan, MD; Jina L. Sinskey, MD

The Effectiveness of Direct Supervision by an Attending Compared To a Senior Resident on Quality of Supervision of Novice Anesthesiology Residents: A Randomized Study

Christopher Malgieri, MD; Mark C. Kendall, MD; Arezoo Rajaee, MD; Ian Hoffman, MD; Patricia Apruzzese, MS; Gildasio De Oliveira, MD, MSCI, MBA