RRC Requirements for International Rotations

ACGME Residency Review Committee for Anesthesiology:
Required Elements for International Rotations Applications (9/1/2010)

The following information must be included with a request for approval of an international rotation:

  1. Description of the rotation that includes each of the following elements:
    • Education rationale
    • Location of the rotation
    • Requirements for resident participation
    • Supervision and oversight, including a description of the faculty and the relationship to the faculty and program director of the core program
    • Number of residents during each rotation and duration of participation; responsibilities for expenses associated with the rotation, including travel and living expenses (including an estimated cost for participation and the expectations of the resident to cover any expenses)
    • Specification of terms for malpractice and general liability coverage
  2. Program letter of agreement, specifying the affiliation between the program and the primary institution and the international site
  3. Letter of approval from the sponsoring institution's Designated Institutional Official (DIO)
  4. Curricula vitae of the faculty member at the international site responsible for resident education, including details of this faculty member's training and certification and relationship to the core program and program director
  5. Competency-based goals and objectives for the international rotation (download more info)
  6. Competency-based evaluation (faculty, rotation, and resident)
  7. Plan for monitoring compliance with ACGME duty hour rules

Expedited Approval of International Rotations
The RRC for Anesthesiology will grant expedited approval for international rotations when the elements listed above are provided and, in addition, a faculty member from the resident's primary program or another diplomate of the American Board of Anesthesiology approved by the RRC will be on-site at the non-US hospital during the entire course of each resident rotation.