Faculty Development

Goals and Objectives

The main goal of the Faculty Development committee is to foster a constructive life-long evolution in medical education for the entire SEA membership. This is achieved predominantly by this Committee through the development of appropriate themed workshops as well as offering peer coaching to all of the faculty workshop members.

The mission of the Faculty Development Committee is to:

  • Provide opportunity to network with SEA members.
  • Allow exchange of effective faculty development materials.
  • Provide educational programs on faculty development.
  • Collaborate with other SEA committees to provide content that meets the needs of the society.

This year the following goals have been set:

  • Distribute Faculty Development survey for SEA members.
  • Distribute Faculty Development survey to chairs.
  • Continue to develop educational programs. Our goal is to provide a one-day program.


David A. Young MD, MEd, MBA, FASA

David A. Young MD, MEd, MBA, FASA

Titilopemi Aina, MD, MPH, FASA

Titilopemi Aina, MD, MPH, FASA
Chair Designee