Advancement of Technology in Education


Advance the use of technology to support educational programs by members of the society.


  • Facilitate the implementation of technology in support of medical education in anesthesiology.
  • Provide society members with a useful and functional website that is an effective means of communication of key events and important society information.
  • Encourage sharing of educational knowledge amongst society members, as well as others interested in education.
  • Maintain the website in a manner that promotes the best interest of the society.


  • Introduce members to various technological tools that can assist anesthesiology educators and their learners, through presentations and workshops.
  • Provide scientific information about medical education, and instructive tips that can enhance the educator’s ability to teach and learn, in a question-answer format, through the use of a web-based learning tool.
  • Work with the society leaders and other committee chairs to update their website pages on a regular basis in order to keep their information current.


Bryan Mahoney, MD

Bryan Mahoney, MD

David Stahl, MD