McLeskey Lecturers

The McLeskey lectureship is an honor bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated substantial contributions to medical education and leadership. Each year, the selected McLeskey lecturer presents at the SEA Fall Meeting. This annual endowed lectureship was founded by Charles H. McLeskey, M.D.

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History of the McLeskey Lectureship
Charles H. McLeskey, M.D.

Charles McLeskey

Some years ago, I was fortunate to be awarded the SEA/Duke Prize for Education. At the time, SEA was a much smaller organization than it is today and its finances were a little shaky. Rather than squandering the proceeds of the prize, I thought it might be nice to initially double the size of the grant and return it to SEA to start a fund, which would cover the expenses and honorarium associated with a lecture to be held annually. By so doing, I hoped this would enable the organization to bring in outside presenters to enrich the annual meeting, while at the same time relieve the organization of part of the expense of running its annual meetings, which at the time were typically run in the red. Over the years, SEA has evolved into a robust society which is now on firm financial footing. At the same time, the size of the lectureship fund has continued to grow with the goal that one day it will eventually reach a size where it will be self sustaining and fund the annual lecture into perpetuity. Although SEA no longer depends on the financial contribution of a funded lectureship, it is an honor for me to be permitted the opportunity to continue to support a lectureship for an organization which through the years has given to me far more than I could ever hope to return.

Past McLeskey Lecturers

Year McLeskey Lecturer
2022 Jo Shapiro, MD, FACS
Fostering Psychological Safety: A Key Driver of Patient Safety and Clinician Wellbeing
2021 Alan Schwartz, PhD
Politics of Medical Education
2020 Grace Huang, MD
Make Writing a Habit in Your Academic Life
2019 Marjorie Podraza Stiegler, MD
Social Media and Digital Presence in Anesthesiology
2018 Daniel H. Lowenstein, MD
The Balancing Act: Finding Fulfillment, Contentment and Peace in the Busy World of Professional Life
2017 Wiley “Chip” Souba, MD, ScD, MBA
How Physician Educators Lead and Shape Healthcare Transformation
2016 Kevin B. Weiss, MD
Building the Pathway to Better Care through Improved Clinical Learning Environments
2015 David J. Murray, M.D.
The Role of Performance Assessments in Board Certification and Recertification
2014 Neil Mehta, MD, FACP
From Digital Badges to IBM Watson: Trends in Medical Education
2013 Catherine R. Lucey, MD
Medical Education: Part of the Problem and Part of the Solution
2012 Jim Scott, MD
Educating Residents in Healthcare Policy
2011 Richard Dutton, MD, MBA
Using Quality Data to Guide Education
2010 Jeanine P. Wiener-Kronish, MD
Training Anesthesiologists for the Next 30 Years
2009 Frank G. Opelka, MD, FACS
Health System Reform: Moving from Volume to a Value Base
2008 Steven L. Shafer, MD
The Future - How Should We Educate Our Residents for Medical Practice in 2020?
2007 Ronald D. Miller, MD [PDF of Lecture]
The Relationship between Anesthesia Educational Systems and Societal Opportunities and Needs
2006 Douglas R. Bacon, MD, MA
The Future of Academic Anesthesiology
2005 Michael F. Roizen, MD
Anesthesiology in 2025
2004 Roger J. Eltringham, MB, ChB – UNITED KINGDOM
Education for Anesthesia on an International Scale


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