Committee Mission Statement and Message from the Chair

Dear SEA members,

The SEA research committee's mission is to support the SEA members' endeavor to develop innovative educational curriculum and successfully conduct original educational research projects. The ultimate goal is to facilitate disseminating these scholarly products and enrich the educational experience of the medical students, anesthesiology trainees, and faculty members nationally and internationally.

We have enjoyed the generous support to achieve the mission, including an annual installment of the SEAd grant mechanism, which provides grant support up to $10,000 for one year to the best-selected applicant; the Philip Liu Awards for Innovations in Anesthesia Education, which provides a monetary award to the best abstract submitted to the SEA spring meeting in curriculum development and original research, respectively. One of the research committee members' essential roles is to administer these grant and award mechanisms with a robust peer-reviewed process.

The research committee further intends to facilitate the SEA members' scholarly endeavors. The committee will provide research guidance and mentorship for SEA members to create an innovative curriculum or plan a research project; to present the activity in an abstract format (Idea to abstract: I2A); then to disseminate the findings in the form of peer-reviewed publication (abstract to publication: A2P).

Scholarly productivity by any professional society members is one of objective indicators of a society's vigor and robustness. Facilitation of the society members' scholarly activities, thus, has high strategic importance for SEA. I thank all of the committee members who have dedicated their time and expertise to the research committee. I also encourage any SEA members to join us, since further input and assistance from the SEA members are vital to the committee's success. I welcome any inquiry and recommendation, which could be sent to [email protected].

Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD, MHA, FASA
Chair, SEA Research Committee

Goals and Objectives

  1. Provide a forum, resource, and opportunity for innovative curriculum development and original research in anesthesiology education
  2. Provide longitudinal mentorship to educators planning and conducting educational research
  3. Facilitate the SEA members to engage in collaborative educational studies
  4. Help increase the scholarly productivity among the SEA members

Committee's Action Plan

To achieve the above Goals and Objectives, the research committee will do the following actions:

  • Administer SEAd research award
  • Organize abstract sessions at the annual SEA spring meetings
  • Conduct research-related workshops at the annual SEA spring meetings
  • Create a research mentorship program in the research committee and provide the research mentorship to SEA members
  • Create a SEA research collaboration consortium, and encourage multi-institutional educational research studies
  • Assemble a research toolbox in the SEA website to support the SEA members to perform educational studies
  • Follow up on SEA curriculum development abstracts' progression to SEA original research abstracts and the SEA original research abstracts' progression to peer-reviewed publications.


Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD, MHA

Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD, MHA

Dante Cerza, MD, MACM

Dante Cerza, MD, MACM
Chair Designee