Committee Goals & Mission

Each of us is actively involved with simulation education enterprises of multiple types at our own institutions and have a national and international presence in the simulation field. We are deeply embedded in the fabric of education at our home institutions and are aware of the opportunities and challenges that face healthcare and anesthesiology.

We educate learners in a changing healthcare environment that is increasingly challenged fiscally and philosophically. Healthcare conduct and training is seeing a sharp increase in regulation and accountability. The future physician will practice differently than those of the past and we have to anticipate the skills of the trade and see to those needs with tools of the present.

We offer simulation-based educational workshops at the SEA (as well as ASA and International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare) on a variety of topics to develop educators and prepare them for success in simulation-based education. Our content concentration is on full task simulation and communication. Within communication, we focus on perioperative communication as well as debriefing and feedback conversation skills. We seek ways to form relationships and strategies that will improve healthcare and secure the future of anesthesiology.


Elvera L. Baron, MD

Garrett Burnett, MD
Chair Designee