SEA/Duke Award for Excellence and Innovation in Anesthesia Education

The SEA/Duke Award for Excellence and Innovation in Anesthesia Education was created back in 1996, thanks to a generous gift from the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke University. The purpose of the award is to recognize people who have had a long commitment to teaching and have contributed positively to the advancement of teaching anesthesia to medical students, residents, and faculty. The Department of Anesthesiology at Duke University has generously provided a $5,000 grant to be awarded annually by SEA to an individual based on substantial contribution to anesthesia education.

Because we at SEA are at the forefront of spearheading educational efforts in our specialty, past recipients have tended to come from within our midst. Membership in SEA is not necessary for consideration, though the nominating individual does have to be an SEA member. Past winners include anesthesiologists of national stature as well as non-physicians. Their opuses include technical advancements, course developments, writings and education research. Their common bond is a documented love of teaching anesthesia and longevity in the field.

SEA/Duke Award Recipients

Year  SEA/Duke Award Recipient
2023 Michael C. Lewis, MD
2022 Ira Todd Cohen, MD, MEd
2021 Randall M. Schell, MD, MACM
2020 Melissa Davidson, MD &
Stephen J. Kimatian, MD, FAAP
2019 Kathy D. Schlecht, DO
2018 Gary E. Loyd, MD, MMM
2017 Roberta Hines, MD
2016 Rita M. Patel, MD
2015 Paul Barash, MD
2014 Berend Mets, MB, ChB, PhD, FRCA, FFA(SA)
2013 Catherine M. Kuhn, MD
2012 Denham S. Ward., MD, PhD
2011 David J. Birnbach, MD
2010 Michael A. Olympio, MD
2009 Arnold J. Berry, MD
2008 Saundra E. Curry, MD
2007 Samsun Lampotang, PhD
2006 W. Bosseau Murray, MB, PhD
2005 Armin Schubert, MD, MBA
2004 Elliott Vaughn Miller, MD
2003 David M. Gaba, MD
2002 Robert K. Stoelting, MD 
2001 Charles W. Otto, MD
2000 Charles H. McLeskey, MD
1999 Susan L. Polk, MD
1998 Robert L. Willenkin, MD
1997 Philip Liu, MD


 Duke 2018
2018 SEA/Duke Award for Excellence and Innovation in Anesthesia Education Recipient
(Left to Right: Dr. Karen J. Souter, Dr. Gary E. Loyd, Dr. Michael Sandison)