JEPM - Volume XXIII 


Identifying the Gap Between Novices and Experts in Fiberoptic Scope Control

Haobo Ma, MD, MS; Xia Ruan, MD; Vanessa T. Wong, BS; Wenjuan Guo, MD; Yuguang Huang, MD; John D. Mitchell, MD

Pregnancy and Motherhood for Trainees in Anesthesiology: A Survey of the American Society of Anesthesiologists

Molly B. Kraus, MD; Holly M. Thomson, BA; Franklin Dexter, MD, PhD, FASA; Perene V. Patel, MD; Sarah E. Dodd, MD; Marlene E. Girardo, MS; Linda B. Hertzberg, MD; Amy C. S. Pearson, MD

Letter to Editors: Anesthesiologists Wake Up! It Is Time for Research and Innovative Medical Entrepreneurism

Albert H. Kwon, MD; Dirk Varelmann, MD; Sergey Karamnov, MD; Alexander H. Slocum Jr, MD, PhD; Leena K. Pradhan-Nabzdyk, PhD, MBA; Jeff L. Xu, MD; William J. Mauermann, MD; Daniel R. Brown, MD, PhD; Carlos B. Mantilla, MD, PhD; Christoph G. S. Nabzdyk, MD, Dr med

Evaluating Rapid-cycle Deliberate Practice Versus Mastery Learning in Training Nurse Anesthetists on the Universal Anaesthesia Machine Ventilator in Sierra Leone

Oluwakemi Tomobi, MD, MEHP; Serkan Toy, PhD; Michelle Ondari, BA; Sabair Lee, MD, MS; Howard Nelson-Williams, MD, MPH; Michael Koroma, MBCHB; John B. Sampson, MD

Anesthesiology Training in the Time of COVID-19: Problems and Solutions

Agathe Streiff, MD; Sujatha Ramachandran, MD, MACM; Curtis Choice, MD, MS; Glenn E. Mann, MD, MA; Michael E. Kiyatkin, MD, MS; David C. Adams, MD; Ellise Delphin, MD, MPH; Naum Shaparin, MD, MBA


Getting the First Thousand—Optimizing Instagram Residency Content to Increase Followers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Daniel L. Plack, MD; Emily E. Sharpe, MD; Robalee L. Wanderman, MD; Juan G. Ripoll, MD; Arnoley S. Abcejo, MD

Program Directors Research Productivity and Other Factors of Anesthesiology Residency Programs That Relate to Program Doximity Ranking

Shooka Esmaeeli, MD; Michelle Seu, BA; Jennifer Akin, BS; Parvin Nejatmahmoodalilioo, MD; Nebojsa Nick Knezevic, MD, PhD

Letter to Editors: Assessment of the Accessibility and Content of Both ACGME Accredited and Nonaccredited Regional Anesthesiology and Acute Pain Medicine Fellowship Websites

Kenneth T. Nguyen, DO; Frank R. Chen, MD; Renjith Maracheril, DO; Nam Tran Nguyen, BS; Alex Gu, MD; Chapman Wei, MD; Mary J. Hargett, BSc; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA; Jiabin Liu, MD, PhD


Rank and Match Outcomes of In-person and Virtual Anesthesiology Residency Interviews

Mary E. Arthur, MD, FASE, FASA; Nidhi Aggarwal, BS; Steven Lewis, MD; Nadine Odo, BA, ELS, FACRP

An Equitable Electronic Scheduling System for Anesthesiology Residents: A Quality Improvement Project

Everett Chu, MD; Anna Katherine Hindle, MD; Hernan Abeledo, PhD; Richard Amdur, PhD; Anthony Coudert, MS; Gurwinder Gill, MD; Eric R. Heinz, MD, PhD; Kyung-Min Lee, MD; Gregory Moy, MD; Christopher Schroff, MD; Marian Sherman, MD; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA

Letter to Editors: Instagram Utilization Among ACGME-accredited Anesthesiology Residency Programs in the United States

Frank R. Chen, MD; Jerry Y. Lee, BS; Natalia Roszkowska, BS; Chapman Wei, BS; Theodore Quan, BS; Alex Gu, MD; Jeffrey Berger, MD, MBA; Jiabin Liu, MD, PhD

Transitioning to Virtual Meetings: Experiences From the Society for Education in Anesthesia Virtual Fall 2020 Meeting

Susan M. Martinelli, MD, FASA; Fei Chen, PhD, MEd; Robert S Isaak, DO, FASA; Adrian Hendrickse, BM FRCA; Bryan Mahoney, MD; Carol Ann B. Diachun, MD, MSEd; John D. Mitchell, MD

Comparison of Two Learning Modalities on Continuing Medical Education Consumption and Knowledge Acquisition: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Matthew D. McEvoy, MD; Leslie C. Fowler, EdD, MEd; Amy Robertson, MD, MMHC; Brian J. Gelfand, MD; Geoffrey M. Fleming, MD; Bonnie Miller, MD, MMHC; Donald Moore, PhD

Resident Preparation for the American Board of Anesthesiology Objective Standardized Clinical Examination: A Comparison of Virtual Telesimulation With In-person Simulation

Christina Miller, MD; Serkan Toy, PhD; Deborah Schwengel, MD, MEHP; Stefani Schwartz, MD; Adam Schiavi, PhD, MD

A Novel Approach to Emergency Airway Simulation Using a 3D-printed Cricothyrotomy Task Trainer

Jeffrey Huang, MD; Lauren K. Licatino, MD; Santiago Ocariz, RN; Paul A. Warner, MD; Charles R. Sims III, MD

Gender Differences in the Language of LORs Written for Anesthesiology Medical Student Applicants: Analysis of One Program’s Recruitment Cycle

Jacqueline Y. H. Woo, BA; Apolonia E. Abramowicz, MD; Mario A. Inchiosa Jr., PhD; Sherin Abraham, BS; Garret Weber, MD


The Success of a Simulation-Based Transesophageal Echocardiography Course for Liver Transplant Anesthesiologists

Jon M. Christensen, James A. Nelson, Allan M. Klompas, Ryan E. Hofer, James Y. Findlay

The Case for Modernizing the Third-Year Clinical Anesthesiology Residency Curriculum

Sheldon Goldstein, Andre Bryan, Angela K. Vick, Tracey Straker, Sujatha Ramachandran

Virtual Residency Interviews: A Survey of Anesthesiology Program Director Perspectives Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Geoffrey Ho, Jevaughn Davis, A. Katharine Hindle, Eric Heinz

Development of an Abbreviated Longitudinal Approach for Medical Student Learning in Perioperative Medicine: Teaching the Perioperative Surgical Home

Wendy T. Nguyen, Michael J. Cullen, Alexander M. Kaizer, Darrell Randle

The Influence of the In-person Residency Interview: A Prospective Study

Sarah L. Nizamuddin, Junaid Nizamuddin, Usman Latif, Sang Mee Lee, Avery Tung, Allison Dalton, Jerome M. Klafta, Michael O’Connor, Sajid S. Shahul

Millennial Medical Students’ Educational Expectations of Anesthesia Clerkships

Kathy D. Schlecht, Lucas S. Reitz, Carly M. Farr, Lisa M. Spencer, Jacob J. Jewulski