JEPM - Past Articles - Volume XXI


Academic Anesthesiologists Perceive Significant Internal Barriers to Intraoperative Teaching in a Cross-Sectional Survey

Bishr Haydar, MD; Keith Baker, MD, PhD; Alan Jay Schwartz, MD, MSEd; Aditee P. Ambardekar, MD, MSEd

Resident Education in Practice Management: Who Needs It?

Steven Dale Boggs, MD, FASA, MBA; W. David Sumrall, III, MD

Evaluation of Knowledge Acquisition with a Practice Management Course for Anesthesiology Residents: A Pilot Study

Gurwinder Gill, MD; Geoffrey Ho, MD; Amanda Hopkins, MD; Turky Alsubahi, MD; Bryant Hong, MD; Falin Patel, MD; Mitchell H. Tsai, MD, MMM; Samantha Brackett, MD; A. Katharine Hindle, MD; Marian Sherman, MD; Jeffrey S. Berger, MD, MBA

Evaluation of a Formal Wellness Curriculum to Reduce Burnout in Anesthesia Residents: A Pilot Study

Alison J. Brainard, MD; Sonja I. Ziniel, PhD; Jeannie Zuk, PhD, RN; Colleen Dingmann, PhD, RN; Norah R. Janosy, MD

The Impact of Social Media on Anesthesia Resident Recruitment

J. Ross Renew, MD; Beth Ladlie, MD, Mph; Andrew Gorlin, MD; Timothy Long, MD

Application of Kern’s 6-Step Approach in the Development of a Novel Anesthesiology Curriculum for Perioperative Code Status and Goals of Care Discussions

Amy C. Robertson, MD, MMHC; Leslie C. Fowler, MEd; Jon Niconchuk, MD; Michael Kreger, MD; Elizabeth Rickerson, MD; Nicholas Sadovnikoff, MD; David L. Hepner, MD, MPH; Angela M. Bader, MD, MPH; Matthew D. Mcevoy, MD; Richard D. Urman, MD, MBA

Quality Control for Residency Applicant Scores

Jed Wolpaw, MD, MEd; Gillian Isaac, MD, PhD; Tina Tran, MD; Mike Banks, MD; Steven Beaudry, DO; Priyanka Dwivedi, MA; Serkan Toy, PhD


Transition to Practice in Anesthesiology: Survey Results of Practicing Anesthesiologists on Their Experience

Catherine M. Kuza, MD; Monica W. Harbell, MD; Elizabeth B. Malinzak, MD; Kristina L. Goff, MD; Mark C. Bicket, MD; Ifey C. Ifeanyi-Pillette, MD; Becky J. Wong, MD; Ashish K. Khanna, MD, FCCP, FCCM

Assessing the Efficacy of an Online Preoperative Evaluation Course for PGY-1 Anesthesiology Residents

Usman Latif, MD, MBA; Courtney G. Masear, MD; Deborah A. Schwengel, MD

Brief Report–The Current State of Biomedical Ethics Education Among Anesthesiology Training Programs: A Call to Arms

Britany L. Raymond, MD; Matthew D. McEvoy, MD; Peter A. Goldstein, MD; Brian C. Drolet, MD

Generative Retrieval Does Not Improve Long-Term Retention of Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound Anatomy in Unengaged Learners

Jennifer F. Potter, MD; Amanda M. Kleiman, MD; Emmarie G. Myers, MD; Timothy J. Herberg, MD; Allison J. Bechtel, MD; Katherine T. Forkin, MD; Lauren K. Dunn, Md, PhD; Stephen R. Collins, MD; Julie L. Huffmyer, MD; Ashley M. Shilling, MD; Edward C. Nemergut, MD

Pilot One-Hour Multidisciplinary Team Training Simulation Intervention in the Operating Room Improves Team Nontechnical Skills

Lauryn R. Rochlen, MD; Kelly M. Malloy, MD; Helen Chang, MSN; Sherry Kim, MD; Lauriane Guichard, MD; Ruth Cassidy, MA; Lara Zisblatt, EdD

Improving Administrator and Educator Sense of Community in Anesthesiology Graduate Medical Education

Lara Zisblatt, EdD, MA; Leslie Coker Fowler, MEd; Amy Dilorenzo, MA; Debi Stabler, MEd; Aleda M. Leis, MS; Amy Miller Juve, EdD, MEd


Experience Is the Teacher of All Things: Prior Participation in Anesthesiology OSCEs Enhances Communication of Treatment Options With Simulated High-Risk Patients

Fei Chen, PhD, MEd; Tekuila B. Carter, MD; David P. Maguire, MD; Erin E. Blanchard, MSN, RN, CHSE; Susan M. Martinelli, MD, FASA; Robert S. Isaak, DO, FASA

The Impact of Converting From an ‘Educator-Driven’ to a ‘Learner-Initiated’ Feedback Model

Britany L. Raymond, MD; Leslie C. Fowler, MeD; Amy C. Robertson, MD

Assessing the Impact of Powerful Experiences During Anesthesia Residency Training

Jed T. Wolpaw, MD, MEd; Lauren Scher, MD; Sarah Smith, MD; Sean Berenholtz, MD, MHS; Scott Wright, MD; Lauren E. Benishek, PhD


Efficacy and Cost Comparison of Case-based Learning to Simulation-based Learning for Teaching Malignant Hyperthermia Concepts to Anesthesiology Residents

Tae W. Kim, MD, MEHP, FASA; Sarabdeep Singh, PhD; Christina Miller, MD; Shivani Patel, MD; Rahul Koka, MD, MPH; Adam Schiavi, MD, PhD; Deborah Schwengel, MD, MEHP

Teaching Anesthesiology Residents How to Obtain Informed Consent

Susan C. Lee, MD; Vu Nguyen, MD; Anvinh Nguyen, MD; Charles G. Minard, PhD; Suman Rajagopalan, MD

Faculty Underestimate Resident Desire for Constructive Feedback and Overestimate Retaliation

Jed Wolpaw, MD, MEd; Daniel Saddawi-Konefka, MD, MBA; Priyanka Dwivedi, MA; Serkan Toy, MEd, PhD