2024 Idea Lab Lunchtime Breakouts
Saturday, April 20 • 11:30am - 1:15pm

Boxed Lunch Provided. 

Medical Student

Moderator: Michael P. Hofkamp, M.D.
Panelists: Heather A. Ballard, MD, MS, FAAP; Susie M. Martinelli, MD, FASA

  • Anesthesia Applied: An Innovative Lecture Series Designed to Engage Pre-Clinical Students in Anesthesia – Matthew Sparling
  • Bridging the Gap: Fostering Early Interest in Anesthesiology through an Innovative Educational Resource and Mentorship Platform – Donald P. Keating, III, BS
  • Elective in Anesthesiology for Non-clinical Medical Students (M1/M2) – Nerlyne Jimenez, MD
  • The Flipped Operating Room: Applying the Science of a Flipped-Classroom Curriculum to Catalyze Intraoperative Medical Student Education – Andrew Shapiro, B.A.
  • Virtual Rotation for Medical Students in Anesthesiology and Critical Care – Nerlyne Jimenez, MD

Anatomy and Technology-Based Education

Moderator: David Stahl, M.D.
Panelists: Bryan Mahoney, MD; John D. Mitchell, MD; Sally A. Mitchell, EdD, MMSc

  • Enhancing Medical Education: Promoting Ultrasound Exposure in Preclinical Years – Garret D. Heiberger, MS 
  • Merging Anatomy and Procedural Skills Training: Utilization of Lightly Embalmed Cadaver Dissections to Enhance Medical Student Instruction on Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks – Christine Vo, MD
  • Point of Care Ultrasound Training: Exploring the Benefit of Online Learning Tools – Grace H. Nguyen
  • Teaching Anesthesiology Residents Pediatric Caudal Epidural Nerve Block Skills Using a Simulation-based Mastery Learning Curriculum – Alina Lazar, MD

Professional Development

Moderator: Haobo Ma, MD MSc
Panelists: Titilopemi Aina-Jones, MD, MPH; Viji Kurup, MD; David A. Young, MD MEd MBA FASA

  • A Novel Approach to PACU Education – Jessica Barnes, MD
  • Assessing the Impact of an Intensive Introductory Lecture Series During Two-Day Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship Orientation – Chinedu Otu, MD
  • Design and Implementation of an Intraoperative Teaching Guide for Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellows – Chinedu Otu, MD
  • Empowering Female Anesthesiology Residents and Early-Career Physicians: A Proposal for Bridging Gaps in Financial Literacy Education – Aishwarya Nugooru, B.S.
  • Stay up (to date) in anesthesia: A knowledge sharing community – Marina Haque, MD MPH


Moderator: Rachel Moquin, EdD, MA
Panelists: Fei Chen, PhD, MEd, MStat; Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD, MHA, FASA

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Scientific Writing – Amanda Strang, MD Candidate
  • Cadaver Lab for Challenging Neuraxial Procedures in the Lateral Decubitus Position – Max Zhukovsky, MD
  • Career Exploration in Anesthesiology: Early Exposure for Medical Students – Richard Yeom, MD
  • Consultant’s Court: A novel play-acting approach to skills utilization in evidence-based medicine – Andrew Corcoran, MD
  • Development of a mentorship program for non-matched residency candidates to enhance faculty recruitment – Benjamin T. Houseman, MD, PhD, FASA