Dear SEA members, 

Spring has come. After two years of COVID-hiatus, we will finally meet like-minded colleagues at the SEA Spring Meeting. As the meeting chair and local host, I am very excited to have you in Pittsburgh!

The theme of the meeting is "Innovation - A Renaissance of Training, Practice, and Mindset in Anesthesiology," which is so fitting to the venue. You would be amazed to find Pittsburgh's incredible rejuvenation, and the key is innovation with the appreciation of the city's historical roots: hard work, dedication, and collaboration. 

With this theme in mind, the meeting organizers, including Dr. Viji Kurup (Yale), Dr. Susan Martinelli (UNC), Dr. Phillip Adams (UPMC), and myself, designed the meeting.

We are excited to have Dr. Aman Mahajan, UPMC Department Chair, address the keynote lecture. You will gain a broader perspective on what kind of perioperative medical environment you will be working in in the future. He will share his vision of how we must innovate our current educational modalities to adopt these inevitable changes.

The Panels are designed to address new technology (Artificial Intelligence), innovation curriculum, and the history in medical education. We will discuss patients' perspectives as they are the ultimate beneficiary of our educational effort.

We will not forget the Spring meeting Specials, including abstract presentations, workshops, committee round tables, and JEPM highlights. We will recognize the best abstracts with Philip Liu Awards and the SEAd Grant awardee; the SEA-HVO awards will also be announced. Please join me in congratulating these awardees in person.

Of course, the fun to attend the Spring SEA Meeting will not stop there. On top of enjoying the much-waited-in-person conversation with your friends, the SEA Social Programs have been prepared by Dr. Adams, the Chair of the Social Program. Please sign up for the ever popular Dine Around (Friday, April 8th), and a special Ticket Event (Saturday, April 9th) will navigate you to appreciate the taste of Pittsburgh spirits!

We cannot wait to meet you all in Pittsburgh soon.

Ted Sakai, MD, PhD, MHA, FASA
Chair, SEA Spring Meeting