John D. Mitchell, MD

Vice President/President-Elect

Boston, MA
[email protected]

I am the Residency Program Director for the Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and an Associate Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School.

I have been a loyal SEA member since 2004. I began my service to SEA as the chair designee of the website committee in 2007 and chaired that committee from 2009-13. In that time, I assisted with the transition to 2 different and progressively more sophisticated websites for which I received a commendation for exceptional service from SEA. I have lead 2 rounds of strategic planning on the Board of Directors regarding technology in education. I also serve on the educational meetings committee and co-hosted the Spring meeting in Boston in 2014. I been honored to serve on our Board of Directors since 2012, and on the Finance Committee since 2014.

My research interests include teaching professionalism and communication skills, optimizing resident performance, ultrasound simulation, and increasing educational efficiency. I was a Rabkin Fellow in medical education in 2009-2010 and pursued a Medical Education Research Certificate through SEA in 2011-2012. I also was fortunate enough to receive a John Hedley Whyte research grant in 2010-2011 and a FAER education research grant in 2012-2014 to pursue topics in education research. I regularly collaborate with other SEA members in multicenter education research projects. Last year, I was honored with the inaugural Philip Liu award in Education Research at the SEA meeting in Jacksonville. My co-investigators and I gratefully donated the proceeds associated with that award to the SEA to further support other researchers.

My goals are to continue to enhance the visibility of our organization, grow our membership, and enhance our implementation of valuable educational technologies as a specialty. I initiated a SEA panel at the IARS, which I anticipate will become an annual feature at this meeting. Similarly, I will work with the Educational Meetings Committee to ensure the success of our fall meeting prior to the SAAAPM meeting in 2020. I believe these efforts will both increase our organizational visibility and further our mission of educating educators by reaching out beyond our usual forums. Finally, I will continue to work with the committee on the Advancement of Educational Technology committee to teach members about the latest educational technologies and keep our Society in the forefront of educational innovation.

I appreciate the opportunity I have had to represent you and serve the SEA to date. I look forward to continuing to help the SEA continue to grow and support educators in our specialty.