JEPM - Past Articles - Volume XXII


Development of an Endotracheal Intubation Formative Assessment Tool

Adam Ryason, PhD; Emil R. Petrusa, PhD; Uwe Kruger, EngD; Zhaohui Xia, PhD; Vanessa T. Wong, BS; Daniel B. Jones, MD, MS; Suvranu De, PhD; Stephanie B. Jones, MD

Wellness Principles Correlate With More Favorable Burnout Scores in Junior Anesthesiology Residents

Elizabeth A. Ungerman, MD, MS; Keith M. Vogt, MD, PhD; Tetsuro Sakai, MD, PhD; David G. Metro, MD; Phillip S. Adams, DO

Critical Appraisal of Anesthesiology Educational Research for 2018

Lara Zisblatt, EdD, MA; Ashley E. Grantham, PhD, MA; Dawn Dillman, MD; Amy N. DiLorenzo, MA; Mark P. MacEachern, MLIS; Amy Miller Juve, EdD, MEd; Emily E. Peoples, MD; Fei Chen, PhD, MEd


From Socrates to Virtual Reality: A Historical Review of Learning Theories and Their Influence on the Training of Anesthesiologists

Thomas J. Caruso, MD, MEd; Jimmy Qian, MS; Kiley Lawrence, MD; Emma Armstrong-Carter, BA; Benjamin W. Domingue, PhD

Be Active and Be Well? A Cross-sectional Survey of US Anesthesia Residents

Sarah L. Nizamuddin, MD; Junaid Nizamuddin, MD; Usman Latif, MD, MBA; Avery Tung, MD, FCCM; Jerome M. Klafta, MD; Sang M. Lee, PhD; Cindy M. Ku, MD; David L. Stahl, MD; Jason Lee, MD; Sajid S. Shahul, MD, MPH

An Advanced Boot Camp for Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellows

Shivani M. Patel, MBBS; Devika Singh, MD; Joann B. Hunsberger, MD, MS; Justin L. Lockman, MD, MSEd; Pravin A. Taneja, MD, MBA; Harshad G. Gurnaney, MBBS, MPH; Marco Corridore, MD; Aditee P. Ambardekar, MD; Vera V. Borzova, MD; Tricia M. Vecchione, MD, MPH; Thomas J. Lockhart, MD; Doyle J. Lim, MD; Joanne E. Shay, MD, MBA; Stephanie A. Black, MD, EdM; Dolores B. Njoku, MD

Implementation of a Self-guided Focused Cardiac Ultrasound Curriculum for Anesthesiology Residents

Jeffrey R. Swanson, MD; Douglas C. Shook, MD; Joshua C. Vacanti, MD; Lindsey M. Molloy, RCS; Kara G. Fields, MS; Louisa J. Palmer, MD

Anesthesia Learning in the Digital Age: Are Program Directors and Residents on the Same Page?

Jed T. Wolpaw, MD, MEd; Elizabeth Uhlig, MD; Gillian R. Isaac, MD, PhD; Priyanka Dwivedi, MA; Robert W. Lekowski, MD, MPH; Serkan Toy, PhD


Assessment of Didactic Transesophageal Echocardiography Education During Anesthesia Residency

Sheldon Goldstein, MD; Dennis E. Feierman, MD; Gabriela M. Samayoa, MD; Ram Roth, MD;Ellise Delphin, MD, MPH; Yuriy A. Gubenko, MD; Malka Stohl, MS; Jyotsna Rimal, MD; Andrei Botea, MD; Ronit Zweig, PsyD; Nikolaos J. Skubas, MD, DSc

Anesthesiology Resident Performance on the US Medical Licensing Examination Predicts Success on the American Board of Anesthesiology BASIC Staged Examination: An Observational Study

Travis H. Markham, MD; Johanna B. de Haan, MD; Sara Guzman-Reyes, MD; John F. Zaki, MD; Semhar J. Ghebremichael, MD; Carlos Artime, MD; Evan G. Pivalizza, MBChB, FFASA

Sticks or Carrots? How an Easy-to-Implement Incentive Plan Improved Our Performance on the In-training Exam

Jacob G. Fowler, BS; David P. VanEenenaam Jr, BS; Kathleen N. Johnson, BS; Justin R. Traunero, MD, FASA; John E. Reynolds, MD


An Analysis of Successful Features of Anesthesiology Journal Clubs

Marek Brzezinski, MD, PhD; Ricarda Sawatzki, BA; H. Nicole Tran, MD, PhD; Kathryn Price, MD; Maren Gregersen, BA; Celeste Wong, MPH; Chun-Miao Feng, PhD; Stephen Kimatian, MD; K. Annette Mizuguchi, MD, PhD; Jasleen Kukreja, MD, MPH; John D. Mitchell, MD; Kathy D. Schlecht, DO

Medical Malpractice Lawsuits Involving Anesthesiology Residents: An Analysis of the National Westlaw Database

Feel G. Kang, MD; Mark C. Kendall, MD; Ji S. Kang, JD; Christopher J. Malgieri, MD; Gildasio S. De Oliveira, MD, MSCI, MBA

Anesthesia Resident Training Experience Minimally Impacts Emergence Time, Making Correlation of Resident Competency With This Operational Metric Difficult

Luke Fitzgerald Miles, MD; Janeway Granche, MS; Christopher Ryan Hoffman, DO; Michael Stuart Green, DO

Family Comes First: A Pilot Study of the Incorporation of Social Support Into Resident Well-being

Susan M. Martinelli, MD; Robert S. Isaak, DO; Brooke A. Chidgey, MD; Ty L. Bullard, MD; Amy DiLorenzo, PhD; Annette Rebel, MD; Fei Chen, PhD

Anesthesia Simulation Boot Camp—a Decade of Experience Enhancing Self-efficacy in First-year Residents

Christina Miller, MD; Eric Jackson, MD, MBA; Benjamin Lee, MD, MPH; Allan Gottschalk, MD, PhD; Adam Schiavi, MD, PhD

Speaker Gender Representation for Anesthesiology Grand Rounds at a Large Academic Medical Center

Molly B. Kraus, MD; Bhargavi Gali, MD; Grace W. Cunningham, MD; Susan M. Moeschler, MD; Phillip J. Schulte, PhD; Madeline Q. Johnson; Emily E. Sharpe, MD