SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship Application

Call for Applications
The SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship 2023

  • Dr. Ronald L. Katz Memorial Fellowship
  • Dr. Harry M. Zutz Memorial Fellowship
  • Dr. Gary Loyd Fellowship
  • SEA Fellowship
  • Dr. Jo Davies/ Dr. Lena E. Dohlman Fellowship
  • Dr. Chris and Rebecca Dobson Fellowship
  • Feintech Family Fellowship

Applications for the 2023 Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA) – Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) Traveling Fellowship are being accepted as of November 15, 2022. All applications must be received by close of business on February 13, 2023.

The applicant must have completed two years of anesthesia training and be in an ACGME accredited anesthesia residency program at the time of travel overseas. The award will be presented, either virtually or in person, at the annual SEA meeting (April 14 – 16th, 2023) in Seattle, Washington. HVO will coordinate plans for the overseas assignment to occur prior to the end of the resident's training. Round trip travel to the site will be funded and a stipend given to help defray living expenses, and cost of travel insurance, visas etc.

Senior anesthesia residents interested in spending 4 weeks teaching at an HVO anesthesia site in a low-resource country are invited to apply. The successful applicant will be exposed to a wide range of surgical pathologies and anesthetic techniques not commonly seen in the United States. He/she will learn to communicate more effectively with people from different cultures and will be exposed to the realities and constraints of delivering health care in a resource scarce environment. The resident will be challenged to be flexible and creative in problem solving. SEA-HVO fellows will serve as teachers of anesthesia and as role models for the anesthesia students at the site. They will not be expected to take direct responsibility for patient care in the operating room. If the resident choses a site that requires a preceptor, it will be the resident’s responsibility to find an anesthesia fellow or attending to fulfill the role.

Successful applicants can only teach at currently available HVO anesthesia sites, which may change between the application date and the date of travel. With the Covid-19 pandemic quietening down, more of our sites are opening back up. However, we will be watching the situation closely and should know more at the time we announce the fellowships.

Interested applicants should send the following:

  1. One page letter highlighting previous experience and motivation for seeking fellowship
  2. Current CV
  3. Letter of support from the director of the residency program addressing the applicant’s suitability for the fellowship (ability to teach, adapt and be flexible). This letter must confirm the Chairperson's willingness to request ABA credit and to financially support the resident/fellow's trip to attend the entire SEA meeting (including orientation for SEA/HVO Fellows) and to accept the award.

Applications should be addressed to Jo Davies, MBBS, FRCA and sent to [email protected] (include a reference to “SEA-HVO Fellowship” in the subject line).

Electronic submission is required.

The application deadline is February 13, 2023.

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