Reflections in 2020-A Look Back

As we reflect on this year, we are heartened by the verdict handed down in the George Floyd murder trial. It was a month prior to George Floyd’s death that SEA formed its Taskforce on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I). Both anniversaries speak of the work that remains to be done in order to live in a society where diversity is valued, equity is commonplace, and inclusion is the norm. Since its inception, the taskforce has been very busy – a testament to the times we live in.

The Taskforce on DE&I collaborated with multiple anesthesia component societies as well as freestanding organizations. In addition, we have reached out both to anesthesiology residents at multiple programs and to medical students through the Student National Medical Association who will be applying for residency in anesthesiology.

Activities that the taskforce has participated in during the past year include the following:

Within SEA
  • Review SEA bylaws and insert DE&I language where necessary
  • Send out a “scan the environment “ survey to the SEA membership
  • Institute a monthly DE&I piece that instills knowledge using a variety of media
  • Partner with Faculty Development for workshop presentation
  • Produce a unified DE&I anesthesia residency curriculum to be housed on the SEA website
  • Contribute to the SEA newsletter


Outside SEA
  • Conduct workshops at ASA, SNACC, IARS , SPA, AUA, SAAPM
  • Collaborate with ABA for DE&I keyword for written boards
  • Give invited talk at National Medical Association
  • Present Grand Rounds at Montefiore and Oregon State University hospital
  • Receive two ASA Professional Diversity Mentoring Grants
Author Statements on behalf of SEA
  • Statement regarding the murder of George Floyd


  • Statement regarding the use of language in medical manuscripts describing African Americans-


  • Statement regarding anti-Asian Asian/ Pacific Islander sentiments


  • Support for the AAMC on statement denouncing racism in medicine

Our goals for 2021 include the following:
  • Offer the SEA DE&I Anesthesia Curriculum
  • Publish a peer-reviewed DE&I manuscript
  • Convert the Taskforce on DE&I to Standing Committee status
  • Hold a Diversity Membership Drive: each one, bring one
  • Continue collaboration with component anesthesia societies and SEA committees

We realize challenges exist and will continue to arise, but with the support of people girded with compassion and steeped in humanity, we will face and overcome these challenges... Thank you, SEA, for empowering us to speak on your behalf.

Tracey Straker MD & Herodotus Ellinas MD

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