Deborah A. Schwengel, MD, MED

I have been a member of SEA for over 10 years; my enthusiasm for the society continues to grow. My leadership experience in medical education in my home institution, Johns Hopkins, has included clerkship director, associate program director, pediatric fellowship director and residency program director. I have completed a Master of Education in the Health Professions, have been actively involved in health professions innovations and program building and educational research. I now serve as Director of Educational Research in our Department. I was SEA Spring Meeting Chair in 2016 in Baltimore and am an active member of the Meetings and Research Committees. Over my years of involvement I have realized that SEA provides a community of educators that is supportive, informative and welcoming. This nurturing community should be advertised. I believe there are many anesthesiology educators who would thrive with us and need to know about SEA. We need to be sharing our enthusiasm for the society with our colleagues across the country.

My experiences have given me significant understanding of the needs of both faculty and trainees interested in medical education and the challenges of building programs and overcoming barriers to change. I enjoy working in a collaborative environment and wish to bring my talents to an already talented Board. I believe we should be creative and open-minded about the possibilities for SEA. I am interested in exploring new endeavors and new ways of conducting our meetings to attract more members and to make our meetings and sessions more valuable to members and guests. Options could include destination meetings, changing the structure of the sessions, providing more options within the meeting schedule and continuing the momentum that has built around the presentation of curricular and research projects. I believe we need to actively engage in new technologies, more mentorship and ongoing community building. As a society we should aggressively help each other flourish as educators and prepare for promotions especially given the challenges that many educators face in pursuing academic advancement at some institutions. I see the following as priorities:


  • Build the SEA community: aggressively infect others.
  • More professional development related to program development, curriculum development, educational research, educational leadership and sustainability in the modern medical workplace.
  • Adjust our meetings to reflect best practices in teaching and use of innovative techniques.
  • Maintain networking and community building at SEA meetings that continue between meetings.
  • Create bulletin board of presentations for people working on promotion – help each other get promoted as educators, invite each other to give talks at home institutions.