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The Journal of Education in Perioperative Medicine

....sharing information interactively for educators in perioperative medicine:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Surgery
  • Surgical Subspecialties
  • Intensive Care
  • Pain Management
  • Perioperative Epidemiology
  • Preoperative Consultation & Preparation

In This Issue

January – March, 2017 | Issue I | Volume XIX

Proof of Concept for a Novel Curriculum: Learning a Second Language during Anesthesiology Residency

Kate Mitchell Cohen, MD; Alvaro Andres Macias, MD; Robert Lekowski, MD, MPH; Mercedes Concepcion, MD; Jose Zeballos, MD

An Evaluation of CA-1 Residents’ Adherence to a Standardized Handoff Checklist

Madeline C. Heck, MPH; Peter Huges, MD; Mojca Konia, MD, PhD, MACM

Expert Evaluation of a Chicken Tissue-based Model for Teaching Ultrasound-guided Central Venous Catheter Insertion

Akiva Nachshon, MD; John D. Mitchell, MD; Ariel Mueller, MA; Valerie M. Banner-Goodspeed, MPH; Jakob I. McSparron, MD

Are Prior Experience and Subspecialty Training Time Predictive of Pediatric Anesthesia Exit Exam Scores for Rotating CA-2 Residents?

Jonathon H. Nelson, MD; Nina Deutsch, MD; Ira T. Cohen, MD, MEd, FAAP; Srijaya K. Reddy, MD, MBA

Anesthesia Lost in Translation: Perspective and Comprehension

Alexander Shapeton, MD; Margaret O’Donoghue, MD; Beth VanderWielen, MD; Sheila R. Barnett, MD

In This Issue

April–June, 2017 | Issue II | Volume XIX

Patterns of Blood Pressure and Stress: A Descriptive Report among Anesthesiology Residents Institution

Ankeet A. Choxi, MD; Meredith Degnan, MD; Keith A. Candiotti; Yilliam F. Rodriguez-Blanco, MD

Developing Modules to Train Anesthesiology Residents & Medical Students in a Lung Isolation Technique

Edward D. Foley, MD; Nadine Odo, CCRC, ELS; Mary E. Arthur, MD, FASE

Undirected learning styles and academic risk: Analysis of the impact of stress, strain and coping

Stephen Kimatian, MD; Sara Lloyd, PhD; Jeffrey Berger, MD; Lorraine Steiner, PhD; Robert McKay, MD; Deborah Schwengel, MD

Factors important to anesthesiology residency applicants during recruitment

Sarah Dodd, MD; Lauren Licatino, MD; Steven Rose, MD; Timothy Long, MD

In This Issue

July-September, 2017 | Issue III | Volume XIX

Fellowships Represent a Logical Target for Cultivating Research in Academic Anesthesiology

Jean Daniel Eloy, MD; Molly D. Amin, MD; Anna A. Pashkova, BA; Peter F. Svider, BA; Kevin M. Mauro; Jean Anderson Eloy, MD, FACS

Emergency Manuals Improved Novice Physician Performance During Simulated ICU Emergencies

Michael R. Kazior, MD; Jacob Wang, MD; Marjorie P. Stiegler, MD; Dung Nguyen, MD; Annette Rebel, MD; Robert S. Isaak, DO

Developing a Comprehensive Perioperative Education Curriculum for Internal Medicine Residency Training

David Raslau, MD, MPH; Mary Jo Kasten, MD; Esayas Kebede, MD; Arya Mohabbat, MD; Basem Ratrout, MD; Michael Mikhail, MD

Anesthesiology Residency Curriculum and Implementation of a Perioperative Surgical Home Curriculum: A Survey Study

Joseph Rinehart, MD; Jenny Seong, BS; Navid Alem, MD; Roberta Andreatta, MD; Jason Derhovanesian, BS; Christina Smith, MD; Zeev Kain, MD

In This Issue

October-December, 2017 | Issue IV | Volume XIX

How to Write Well-Defined Learning Objectives

Debnath Chatterjee, MD, FAAP; Janet Corral, PhD

Using the Teaching Perspectives Inventory as an Introduction to a Residents-as-Teachers Curriculum

Amy C. Robertson, MD; Leslie C. Fowler, MED; Amy Miller Juve, EDD, MED

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